Red Rocks season is officially over — and it was one hell of a yearold. From annual staples such as GRiZ, Pretty Lights and the Avett Brothers, to up-and-coming artists humbled by their first Red Rocks show, the venue had yet a second record-breaking year — more than 1.3 million tickets had been offered to concertsup about 10 percent from this past year. Much like anything, change rears the head, often for the best. Red Rocks planned for several changes to go into effect in 2018, including a switch to Flash Seats for ticketing and a shift in ADA seating — but a few items harbor ’t changed much (yet) or have been in the process of shifting today. 

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In other news, the rows of this venue recently had some authorities protocols put into place to guard patrons . Kitts clarified that due to the authorities, “individuals with disabilities and their guests that wanted those seats ended with these seats this year. ” With the implementation of Flash Seats, the first four rows are non-transferable, meaning that the buyer must use them for entrance — with the entire ticketed party at once. Fans wanting to get those tickets need to confirm their need for lodging and provide identification before entering the venue. Find more information regarding the ticketing restrictions and lodging in the initial rows here

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In a former post we reported a change in the planter boxes and foliage that outlines the amphitheater on each side. According to Denver Arts and Venues, Red Rocks was not up to code for its patrons’ security. Put the venue back up to code and the proposal contained installation of sidewalk and railings to increase security. There was talk of eliminating some trees too. Friends of Red Rocks ardently opposed the proposal. The nonprofit firmly believes that the first design of this venue (which comprises the trees) has to be maintained. In addition they believe adding railings wouldn’t increase security, potentially as people would likely climb on them get crushed .

At this point in time, the planter boxes difficulty is at a standstill. Kitts said,

“Early in the summer we decided we’re definitely likely to look at some different choices. Friends of Red Rocks objected, and I guess whenever you receive out mis-information into the market it makes it tough to move rsquo & which;s considerate. We’re under no time period and in no rush. We would like to be mindful about what we do and should we don’t always have rsquo; re not likely to proceed with it & the ideal strategy we. ”

The historical integrity of one of Denver’s most iconic places is being considered some judgment has to be reached to make the venue as secure as possible because of its attendees.

What’s Changing Now Art Installation

In that same articlewe reported that local artist Andrew Dufford of Chevo Studios was chosen to install permanent public artwork within the park. The job involves three stone sculptures across different regions of the park. They’re supposed to be seating and gathering areas, where individuals are going to have the ability to interact with the park’with no placing the landscape so landscape. Even though they weren’t ended in time for concert period this year, these sculptures are defined as completed at the end of 2018.

Upper North Lot Sustainability Initiative

Red Rocks is committed to adulthood. Over the years they’ve partnered with Eco-Products — a business that produces cutlery, cups and utensils — and implemented a waste diversion program in which they sort through waste following events to be sure everything is going to the ideal waste channels. Their commitment to preservation lasted through a composting recycling and storage center, that is being assembled by the Upper North Lot. According to Kitts, that is also on track to be completed at the end of the year.

We were informed by kitts he is excited about another similar period next year and that the best changes are made at this time.

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